Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Amazing Reasons To Snuggle Up On Your Couch


Whether you like to admit it or not we have officially entered the holiday season. After an amazing number of warm and crystal clear days in San Francisco it officially got cold on Saturday. Winter is here, I've traded my windbreaker for my peacoat and people are already scheduling holiday parties!
In addition to filling me with a strong desire to buy sweaters and bake cookies, the chilly weather makes staying in and snuggling on the couch with a good DVD sound like a perfect evening.  Here are two  shows that we have recently started watching that I can't recommend enough!  Both are  intense and incredibly captivating so update your Netflix queue and ready your best couch snuggling blankets!

HOLY MOLY Homeland. You got us, you got us gooood. Everyone told us we would be obsessed with this show, well, they were right.  It's just SO good. We just finished the first DVD and the second one could not come fast enough!!!!

Breaking Bad
This show is worth the hype! It's a little dark but the characters are amazing, the plot is captivating and we are just into the second season where I feel like it has really hit an amazing stride. We're in it now!

Are there any other new/old shows we should be Netflixing?  For other TV DVD recommendations check out my previous post, here.

Also, below is the best result that came up from searching "Snuggle on couch" in Pinterest. You know, it's a seal that breaks into a house to snuggle on the couch.

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