Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Night Out in SOMA

San Francisco from the top of Potrero Hill today

Hi and happy Sunday!

Did you have a great weekend? Do you have tomorrow off from work - LUCKY DOG! I don't but it's been sunny and warm in San Francisco and Nic and I have been enjoying ourselves at some fun spots in our hood and across the bridge this weekend so I shouldn't complain.  The above picture is the view next to where we ate lunch today --- we grabbed food at the Whole foods nearby and hiked up the hill to McKinley square for a little picnic = delightful. 

On Thursday we celebrated Valentine's Day at two awesome places just a few blocks down in our hood, one new to us and one just new.  Our neighborhood SOMA is a bit on the up + coming side of things (at least in the area closer to the mission where we are) so we're always excited to find new spots.  We had a delightful evening and while I sometimes want to keep local gems to myself I'm realizing it's best to share the places you like with others so they stay in business :)

Here's where we went:

Jamber  Wine Pub -- Folsom Street between 4th and 5th
This is a new spot that feels more like a cool hipster bar than any wine bar I've been to. They have their wines on tap and serve them from mason jars or glasses made of old wine bottles cut in half and played some solid classic rock on their sound system. There are several  outdoor tables on their front patio which is awesome (since it's always sunny in SOMA) and a small but foodie-licious menu of yummy bar snacks, bites and sandwiches that looked great. We just got glasses of wine before heading to dinner but I saw that they had a happy hour wine or beer flight deal that would be inexpensive and fun to try with friends or co-workers some other time.  Check it out!

LuLu-- Folsom Street between 4th and 5th
This restaurant has been around as long as we've lived here but it took us 2 years to finally try it! The place is big and inviting with a big wood burning oven in the back, a long bar and high ceilings. The prices are a little higher than what we spend on our typical night out but it was totally worth it for an uber relaxing Valentine date. We split a delicious eggplant pizza and their succulent roast chicken and were very happy.  This spot is definitely going on the list of where to bring parents/family when they visit next.

Have a great week!

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