Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Friday Pinsperation!

Hi and Happy Friday!!!

I'm working from home today and enjoying my usual commute time with coffee, my ipad and some sun through my kitchen window.  What could be better!  As I've mentioned in nearly every post since last spring it's been a while since I've blogged regularly but I do think I'm finally feeling inspired to get back into it.  Sometimes it just feels gooood!

I have plenty of fun things and recipes that have come up between my last posts but for now I'll start with something simple.  Are you using Pinterest? It's kind of my favorite toy when I'm watching tv or on the bus.  Here's what I've been pinning lately, a random smattering of things I liked...

Here's a hair style I'd like to master myself. I love how it's not overly tight (that's harder to do than it looks!)

A tiny bernedoodle (a little poodle mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog)...

A practical way for Kindle/Ipad readers to still decorate with books...

A perfect top to wear with chambray shorts or skinny jeans and dangly earrings...
                                                                     Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

Like these ones...
                                                                    Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

This dress, ooooooh this dress!!! Maybe Nic and I need to do a 3 year black tie vow renewal???
                                                                     Source: via April on Pinterest

Homemade snickers. YUM...

And last but not least, a little pinsperation to go running at lunch today. Thanks Ryan.
                                                   Source: via Miranda on Pinterest

Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Good to see you here! LOVE this post. A ray of light in an otherwise VERY snowy eve! xo