Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Getaway to Cloverdale and Our First Airbnb Stay!

Have you all tried airbnb?  It's an online resource of rental houses or apartments for vacations or subletting but it seems to attract a broader more interesting base of people with a cooler range of places than a lot of other sites I've used. You can search using all sorts of filters including "Tree Houses" or "Trailers" and can find some very pretty spots for much cheaper than a comparable hotel.  Last weekend Nic and I had our first Airbnb experience at this little cabin in wine country about an hour and 40 minutes north of the city in a town called Cloverdale.  The cabin had amazing reviews and it was easy to see why. The hosts had filled their guest cabin with thoughtful details like chilled white wine in the fridge and maps of nearby trails which we used to take a beautiful run at nearby Lake Sonoma.  We had full and private use of the main house's AMAZING infinity pool and patio and watched sky divers come down in parachutes over the valley from a nearby tiny airport. It was soooooo nice. Reality is a little rough right now. Luckily it wasn't a total bank breaker and totally worth curbing other spending to relive again sometime later this year or next!  Here are some pics from the weekend and here is my airbnb vacation wishlist so you can get some ideas for your next getaway :)

Our cabin's scenic bathroom...

Juice and fruit on our little porch...

 Lake Sonoma from the start of our trail, the South Lake route

Wineries along Dry Creek Road...

The amaaaazing infinity pool, I want one when I grow up :)

Frizzy hair, white wine and deep thoughts after a great day of running and sunbathing

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  1. Sounds great. We will try the site for Thanksgiving such housing for family trip. Dad