Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun New Do! The Braided Crown

Hey friends!
It's been a while but I hope you are enjoying the summer!  We just got back from two weeks of vacation on the east coast seeing family, friends and celebrating weddings, birthdays, our anniversary and some much needed time off of work.  I've been such a negligent blogger that I have so much to share but I thought I'd break it up into more bite size pieces and kick it of with a little hair fun!

Since we've become California-ites I've somehow forgotten how the summer heat and humidity in the north east can wreak havoc on my curls amping up the jungle factor to scary levels. Ya know, like this but without the cat suit and sex appeal...

 So in order to save myself from a frizzy mess at my friend's outdoor wedding  I wanted to put my hair up in a fun do so I hit pinterest and found this cute pin...

The night of the wedding I followed the tutorial steps below and while my crown was far from perfect and took about 10 bobby pins to keep in place I thought it turned out pretty cute and only took one try and about 25 minutes.  I wouldn't call this easy but I'm certainly not a great braider and I managed to do it!  Try it out!  

Click this link to get to the tutorial I used. Basically it's just doing a giant french braid around your head.

My friend Liz was a bridesmaid in the wedding and had the stylist put her hair up in a braided crown too which looked fabulous.  We were pretty pleased with our matching dos!

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  1. Love this!! You ladies look fabulous! I tried a similar look for a wedding last year, but my mid-length extra-layered hair just can't do a full crown. I used Kristen Stewart's braided updo (http://jotainomaa2012.blogspot.com/2012_11_01_archive.html) as an inspiration, did a deep part and french braided across forehead hairline and along one side to the back, twisted the other side back and then finished it off in a sort of twist at the nape of my neck (http://pinterest.com/pin/463448617873933622/). It didn't take long and the "purposeful" messiness make it a lot easier to pull off without much skill.