Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wedding Style From The East Coast

While the San Francisco fog makes it easy to forget it's the middle of July, the month has flown by and over the course of the last five weeks we've made two trips east, celebrated three weddings, one grandmother's 90th birthday and our third anniversary of marriage.   It's been a fun blur of cake and toasts and I wanted to share a few photos, starting with the pretty wedding ones!  Here are some fun things I noticed  and pictures I took from the three beautiful weddings we attended in New York, Connecticut and Maryland.

Renting the Runway
Have you Rented the Runway yet? A bunch of my girlfriends from home rented dresses for the first two weddings we went to and they looked so fabulous  I followed their lead and rented a red strapless dress for the second wedding.  It turned out great and I love how the company sends you two sizes to choose from.

At least two of these lovely ladies rented their party dresses. 

Here's my friend Lizzy in her gorgeous Rent The Runway dress showing off her Gretchen Scott bag.

Four out of the five of us below Rented the Runway for our friend's swanky Greenwich wedding!

And while not rented, how great does my mom look in this pink Monique L'huillier dress? Pretty amazing :)

Bridal Style
Each of my three friends looked absolutely gorgeous on their wedding days but what I loved most was that they looked like themselves.

My friend Alison was a perfect princess in this beautiful ball gown.  I loved her simple tiara.

I love this side view of my friend Jenny's classic ball gown. She slipped into a more casual dress mid reception with a small opening at the back that I absolutely loved... 

And finally my friend Kristen wore a beautiful lace dress that looked like it was designed just for her. So lovely...

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