Sunday, September 15, 2013

Converting An Old Door into A Picture Frame

Nic and I just finished a fun DIY project to spruce up our hallway wall that I'm pretty excited to share.   Like many San Francisco apartments ours has a long narrow hallway from the entrance and we've decorated the wall with an eclectic mix of framed pictures. Lately I've been eager to upgrade our frames.  I've been eyeing old barn window frames on Etsy to try to do something crafty  but the ones that are the right size don't have glass and the ones that have glass are the wrong size and overall I'm nervous to order something like that in the mail.  Finally last weekend Nic and I were window shopping on Valencia street and went into this very hipster antique shop that mostly sold vintage typewriters and had a pianist playing live music (I know, I know, San francisco!)  Just before walking out I saw the above pictured old barn door and pictured it hanging sideways in our hallway.  We managed to bargain down the owner slightly on the price and brought it home. He claimed they had flown it from an old house in France which we thought was a very romantic lie but the door was perfect.

This weekend I cleaned it, picked pictures to put in it and attached paper board to the back of it with metal thumbtacks to create the backers.  Nic broke out the tool belt and measuring tape and handscrewed 3 metal  hooks into the top of it so we could mount it on the wall. It turned out great and our hallway is now ten times more interesting!  I also love how long it is since we were able to fit so many photos on the wall in an organized way.  Check it out...

Here are some step by step pictures and tips in case you ever want to try this out yourself!

1. Pick out your pictures and measure them out so they will fit within the panes (I was impatient and mostly eyeballed it but measuring would be a good idea.) Cut the poster board so that it will fit the space (I had to use three sheets) then secure the backs of the pictures to the poster board with masking tape (it's easy to remove.)

2.  Attach evenly spaced hooks to the back of the frame and then attach the poster board with metal thumb tacks. I only tacked in the top so that it would be easy to adjust or change out pictures in the future.  Nic hand screwed in the hooks since the wood is soft and I just pushed in the thumbtacks by hand.  Once I had the poster board lined up with one tack I cut out a notch to fit around the hooks.

3.  Nic measured out the hooks to put on the wall to match the ones he put on the back of the frame. He used a level and a measuring tape to line it up correctly.

4.  Finally we just carefully lifted up the door and hung it up and now I get excited every time I walk down the hall!

Have a great week and happy crafting!


  1. FANTASTIC!!! I love this. Really quite crafty. xo

  2. I SO LOVE THIS and want one in my apartment! It looks great on your wall!! :)