Sunday, August 24, 2014

Office in the Closet - Before and After

In recent months I started a new job, we moved north across the Golden Gate bridge and started working on updating our 1970s style condo.  It's been fun. We officially have no kitchen floors or cabinets at the moment but with the help of pinterest, a contractor and lot of DIY painting the place is looking pretty good.

Our first completed project was based on my extreme pinterest love for offices in closets. I've always thought this was a clever way to save space in a spare room and in the new place we had just the guest room for the job. We painted the room, measured out the space and plan and then worked with a contractor to execute our ideal little closet office for Nic's workspace. Here are the before and pics.  

Before: An unneeded closet in our guest bedroom. 

Nic measures out the closet. Furniture and decor in this room was still the staged stuff from the seller.

After: Two bright green coats of paint, some lighting and bookshelves combined with books and a desk make for an awesome space efficient office!


Pretty cool, right? Now there's still plenty of space in the room for a little bureau and a big queen guest bed.


We realized without a closet guests don't have anywhere to hang things so we made a little hanging rack with hooks we bought from Anthropologie and a piece of plywood that Nic stained.



The room still needs a few more things hung on the walls and some sort of nightstand but otherwise we're feeling pretty good!

Stay tuned for more before and after posts as we work our way through the condo!

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